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Sabie Social and Spar: Giving back to the community

Michele du Plessis

Sabie Social, with the help of Sabie Spar, is giving back to the community with the recent renovations of Ekuchathuleni Day Care Centre in Simile, Sabie.

Sabie Gxxdfellas (Goodfellas) is a production company that consists of 4 young vibrant and energetic guys from Sabie, namely Thabiso Mashego, Sandile Malikane, Kholwa Mabuza and Peter Mabuza.

“Our mission and objectives as Goodfellas Productions are that we would like to be the bridge that gives a platform to our local talented upcoming DJs, Producers & Singers/Rappers. We try to do this by promoting events that give them an audience of a wide range of people coming to support the event. We also want to create new events and opportunities in a safe environment that helps young people develop a sense of purpose through their talent, and also to use our positive influence to help the youth build self-esteem and skills for success. We also aim to encourage self-reliance by providing an opportunity to build their own capacity and support networks to act on their own choices and sense of responsibility,” Thabiso said.

“Last year on December 1st, 2018, we did a charity event together with Sabie spar called Sabie Social Experience Homecoming Charity Event. We had about 50 kids who participated and the event ended with an after-party held at Club Da Groove,” Sandile said.

“The reasons why we decided to renovate the daycare centre was because the fence was rotten, injuries do occur cause of the fence. The corridor roof was also rotten to a point where it fell off.  The daycare has a garden which supplies the kids during lunch time, it wasn’t protected enough which lead to chickens using the same very rotten fence to enter the facility. The chickens were destroying the garden,” Kholwa said.

“The day care centre has 45 kids currently. It has 5 workers, 1 cleaner, 2 teachers, 1 cook and the last person is the one who’s doing maintenance. Children’s ages are from 2 to 4 years old. The daycare is the first daycare centre in Simile,  and it has been part of the community since day one. It has played a role in the community because some other members of the community to use it to meet when they do initiatives like Mandela Day or other occasions happening in the community,”  Peter said.

“Sabie Spar have been helping us since our first event which happened on September 30th,  2017, called Sabie Social Experience. They are still helpful when we need their assistance. We appreciate everything Sabie Spar has done for the community of Simile and Goodfellas Productions,” Thabiso said.

Their next event is planned for Saturday, April 27th. “Our aim with this event is to raise funds for Memezile High and Lindani Primary School since the winter since is upon us. After the event we will donate school jerseys to the above-mentioned schools,” Sandile concluded.

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