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Valentine’s Day poetry

Kopano Dibakwane

Graskop Library and the local Spar joined forces to introduce a poetry competition to residents. The competition was open to everyone, irrespective of age. Participants were asked to write a poem about love-which was in line with Valentine’s Day.

According to Graskop Library manager, Michelle Kruger, the competition is part of a programme which will target specific holidays throughout the year.

“We are having the competition for the first time, it had no age limit. It was open from 11th to 17th February. Spar is the main sponsor; it has contributed a school bag full of stationery. We asked people to write something about love. The winning poem was well written, colourful and a lot of effort was put into it. We had other entries and we had to decide on one winner,” said Michelle

The winner, Amirah Morgan-from Graskop, said she entered the competition because she has carried a soft spot for poetry since her school days.

“I only knew about the competition a day before the deadline. Everybody was in a loving mood so I immediately wrote something. I was very good in poetry back at school; this competition has helped me to re-live those days. I wrote everything from my own experiences with love. This prize will go to my three children who are still going to school. I thank Spar and the Graskop library for the opportunity. I urge Graskop people to take a chance and enter the coming competitions, they might be lucky to win,” said Morgan.

Spar Graskop Manager, Gail Durandt, congratulated Morgan and expressed an interest to continue with other ways to encourage literacy.

“We organised a whole campaign together with Graskop library to promote reading and writing. I would like congratulate the winner and thank all the participants; there wouldn’t be a competition without them.  We have two things that we are trying to encourage; the first thing is to go to the library and number two is to read and write. This competition is just a kick-off and the first of any to come. We’ll grow from here and we want everybody to join us or they are going to miss out,” said Durandt.

Michelle also thanked the winner and all participants. She said that the response from community members was relatively low, but was confident that more people will participate in the coming competitions. She said that the competitions will hopefully draw the residents of Graskop to visit the library, borrow books and use the space and resources for research or studying.

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