For the love of dog…

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When God created humans, He knew, in his infinite wisdom, that we would populate this earth. Millions of us, filling every corner and crevice with humanity. Or so we like to think. God, on the other hand, knew that we will experience happiness and pain, loss, devastation, sadness, joy and be heartbroken at times.

God knew that He had to create a companion for us that would ease the pain and share the joys of our lives. So, He created dogs; all shapes and sizes, colours and temperaments…

Have you ever looked into the eyes of your dog? Did you see the unconditional love, the same that God has for us? Have you ever cried and cried, only to have your dog lick your face in an attempt to dry the tears? There is no need for them to be able to talk, to ask questions; they know instinctively that there is something wrong. A dog will protect you with his life, giving selflessly until there is no more to give.

Have you ever experienced real happiness? Did you notice the way your dog reacted, all jumping around and just being silly? There’s a dog to crawl into your lap when you’ve lost someone dear, a paw that reaches out to the mother who lost a child, the man who lost his way, the child that is always lonely.

Dogs teach us loyalty, unconditional love, patience, responsibility and pure joy. They teach us forgiveness, compassion and never to judge a book by its cover. Have you ever seen a man hit a dog and the dog just came crawling right back? That is forgiveness and love. Have you ever disobeyed God and then went crawling right back? That is the unconditional love that He has for us.

A dog is a lifelong commitment, he trusts you to take care of him, just as we are supposed to trust God to take care of us. Next time you come home from work, all tired and stressed out, don’t shout at your dog for greeting you with pure joy and exuberance. He might only be a pet to you, but you are his whole world. And, for the love of dog, always try to be the person your dog believes you to be.

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