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Two Oceans Runner needs support

Kopano Dibakwane

Pilgrims Rest athlete, Themba Tayson Mkhantswa, has qualified to be amongst thousands of runners who will participate in two major competitions- the Two Oceans and the Comrades Marathons for 2019. Mkhantswa is, however, facing a challenge that might subsequently affect his chances of taking part in the world acclaimed events.

He told GPS News that his biggest fear is losing this great opportunity due to a lack of funds. He is, therefore, appealing to readers of GPS News to help out.

“The Two Oceans and Comrades are two of the biggest races in Africa and it’s been my dream to be part of it. I currently don’t have a sponsor and I need help. I have developed a passion for running marathons since I was a child. I’ve participated in several athletic competitions while I was in primary school.  I have won several medals and trophies through the years. I have tried to get funding but it is not very easy, especially for athletes in small areas, such as Pilgrims Rest,” said Mkhantswa.

He mentioned that it is vital for every athlete to have strong financial backing, either from an official sponsor or random donations from good Samaritans.

“I’ve managed to qualify for the two races without proper gear, energy boosters and other things. This shows my commitment because I did not allow my circumstances to stop me. I believe that more can be achieved with the assistance of a sponsor. I am doing this for my community and I want to encourage fellow residents to join me on my daily runs, maybe we can finally have our own club of runners from Pilgrims Rest,” said Mkhantswa.

His immediate requirements include proper gear, registration fee, transport, accommodation, energy drinks and bars.

He has participated in other races including, Sport and Tourism race (21 kilometres), Kaapsehoek (42.2 kilometres), Trailer Adventure at Crystal Springs (25 kilometres). He managed to do well in all races, obtaining good positions amongst thousands of runners per race.

The Two Oceans Marathon will take place on 20th April, while the Comrades will be held at a later date.

Mkhantswa can be contacted at 079 147 8336 for more information.


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