WWW (or What Women Want)

Michele du Plessis

Bette Midler in What Women Want said it best, “If you know what women want, you can rule!” With Christmas around the corner and the expectation of a special gift from the man in your life, this will surely help men decide. As Marilyn Monroe said: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”

According to a new web survey, “What Women Want,” distributed through the MyEcho Survey Platform, which gathered data from South African women; women know exactly what they want. The web survey was distributed on Women’s Day 2018 where 1,151 responses were collected across South Africa from women of different age and race categories.   The survey explored women’s views on retail, beauty, health, destinations, food & drink and relationships.

Which beauty products do women splurge on? What beauty product do women opt for when the budget is an issue? The results reveal that the go-to product for women is lipstick while the foundation is what women are most likely to splurge on.

The health section explores ‘hot’ topics such as the biggest health concern for women and what their gynaecologist gender preference is. When asked about the biggest health concern, women of all ages said that weight is of great concern, followed by stress and cancer. The survey reveals interesting insights into how women feel about a male versus female gynaecologist. 71% of women who completed the survey said that they prefer a female gynaecologist.

One area of intrigue is the relationship section where women were asked about what they would like their partner to improve on and how a healthy relationship is maintained.  Communication came out on top as the most crucial aspect of a healthy relationship.  Furthermore, women would like their partners to simply spend more time with them. For the men out there who still don’t know what to buy their partners on special occasions, women want jewellery!

Here are some other key holiday destinations: For a girl’s getaway, a spa type destination took preference, the best romantic destination is Paris and for a family holiday, Cape Town came out on top.

Women were asked about their favourite clothing item and while jeans are the favourite across all age categories, jumpsuits, skirts and crop tops were mentioned by the younger age groups only.


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