Tounge and Cheek

Tongue and cheek

Anon E Mouse

Hopefully, most Sabie residents came through the holiday season unscathed and un-scythed, and that the feisty residents of Sabie are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for 2019. Trying to sound not too pessimistic about what the New Year might bring, it is reasonable to accept that we will experience the same recurring problems, with an escalation – again, a reasonable assumption – in some areas.

Trying very hard not to sound like Nostradamus (no riddles) or one or other doomsday soothsayer (the world is going to end!), we can safely predict that loadshedding might increase exponentially, and with that we shall experience additional water woes, for no electricity means no pumps running which means no water in the reservoirs.  Fortunately, we can rely on the rain in Sabie, so the complaints on the various groups of no water in Mount Anderson or the town will literally not be true.

Will more pipes burst and more fire hydrants leak? Absolutely. Will sewerage be streaming down the streets in a deleterious river? Definitely. Will the streetlights fail to shine their guiding lights when the stars start to twinkle in the night sky? Certainly. Will calls to the control room be ignored in 2019? That is a fact. Will people still complain excessively on the groups? Without a doubt.

No new year’s resolutions to be a better person will change the above. The complainers will continue to complain about everything. Therefore, the following question. Will it help if they complain less and do more? Absolutely. There are some many people in our town and the neighbouring towns as well, that have skills and talents that can be of great service to their respective towns.

It will be so much more helpful if the complaints were accompanied with a simple “what can I do to help?” Yes, I know you pay rates and taxes and expect the necessary services. But complaining, again and again, is not helping anybody. It helps even less to lose your cool and to vent your frustrations on a group member. Not only is it bad manners, but it also creates a negative vibe that is more noxious than the raw sewerage gently flowing down the street. If you feel you need to sling more mud at the person, just tap on their name, select send message, type your message and hit send. That way the rest of the group won’t have to read your furious message with the many misspelt words.

So, to conclude. Be courteous, be kind and don’t get your knickers in a knot for every perceived slight. After all, the groups are a public forum…

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