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For the love of Rock… …. Let’s go tubing!

Michele du Plessis

For more than 40 years, the Tube Race has provided fun and entertainment for scores of tubing enthusiast that flock to Sabie for the weekend. People from all over South Africa book their weekend, bring their tubes, friends and family to leisurely float down the Sabie River.

RT Tube Race 2018 had more than 2900 people registering for the tube race. That excludes local people joining in the fun for the day.

The most memorable aspect of the Round Table White River 64 Sabie Tube Race is the vibe. During the 2018 tube race, Southern Africa Round Table president, Andrew Lee, said: “Sabie Tube Race is a great event and great weather.  With the profit made from this event, we plough 50%” back into the little town of Sabie. All the accommodation in Sabie has been booked out; the majority of it for this event. Please do come and join us. We hope to see you on the river.”

This year, the event promises to be even bigger and better with the theme “For the love of Rock”. With the rains that Sabie had over the past few weeks, the Sabie River will provide adventure.

The entertainment for the weekend includes Martin Bester and band, Jonathan Peyper and DJ Rademeyer. Other bands include The Acoustics, “Expierreience” (sic), Back Stage, Voodoo Kudu, Catharsis and Joe F.

Food stalls, the RT64 Bar, CANSA, the Round Table stall for collectables and many more will be present. Security will be handled by Phoenix K9, Phoenix, SAPS Divers from White River and Swift Ambulance Services will be present for the inevitable sprains and scrapes. Nelspruit Concerned Citizens will be assisting with security, Super Quick will quickly fix flat and punctured tubes.

The Sabie Tube Race 2019, as a special Round Table Barberton 67 initiative, is donating R50 from every ticket sold to the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) to raise critical funds for the Save our Carnivores Programme.

The EWT Carnivore Conservation Programme’s purpose is to boldly prevent carnivore extinction in southern Africa. Carnivores are one of the most charismatic yet threatened orders and require innovative strategies to ensure their survival.

A passion for wildlife conservation and a strong desire to get involved is a characteristic of the Round Table members. The desire to make a difference prompted the initiation of this partnership and the much-needed funds might be raised through this.

SA Breweries will be sponsoring many products for the tube race under the Castle banner and the stage is sponsored by Pᶾ Productions.  “Today Pᶾ Productions is an Industry Standard production company that is in effect, a merge of Pᶾ, Rock Solid Sound and Harry Green Music World (Pty) Ltd. We provide our customers with professional, yet cost-effective solutions and we are determined to go the extra mile in order to make a success of any type or size of the event,” Michael White, Operational Director and shareholder, Pᶾ Productions said.

Be sure to join the very merry tubers at Castle Rock in Sabie and float your stress away down the Sabie River, just having tube-a-licious Round Table Tube Race (RT/TR) weekend…



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