Tongue in cheek

Anon E Mouse

Load shedding schedule for Sabie? It seems that obtaining a schedule for Sabie is impossible. Please tell me how so many computers, smartphone, internet and technologically literate people in one town, Sabie, that is, cannot find a load-shedding schedule. That is a very easy answer to give. A load-shedding schedule for Sabie does not exist.

Eskom apps abound; download them for free. But, if you stay in Sabie, that will be a serious waste of time and data. That also brings me to another subject, or more adequately categorised, problem. The moment that we are shedding a load, we are transported back to the very Dark Ages. No electricity, no signal and within a few minutes, no water.

I am seriously considering investing in homing pigeons to deliver messages to where ever. Or an owl, like in Harry Potter. Will it be feasible to pack up and go? Move somewhere else? That is also a very easy answer: No. We are not alone in this predicament, many towns suffer the same fate. At least we still have the beauty of Mother Nature, although altered, surrounding us. There is also the Sabie River and all those beautiful waterfalls where we can go and take a bath. Just don’t drink the water, please. Unless you are fond of faecal matter in your whiskey…

Now, back to the load-shedding schedule. It seems that nearly educated guesses abound about when we will be shedding another load. I think that wait and see when it happens is the best advice. Now we’ve got electricity, and oops, now we don’t. As easy as that. I truly feel sorry for admins who try to keep the groups from turning into a real vexation. Messages swarm the WhatsApp groups, making many a smartphone congested like an old Nokia 3310. “No space for new messages: Jy rol met ‘n selfoon in jou pen, Ek rol nog met ‘n 3310, according to Jack Parrow. And so forth and so forth.

Now, for some good news. It could have been worse. Much worse. Yes, we are all irritated by the lack of electricity, lack of cell phone signal, lack of water. But we are alive, we eat, we drink and hopefully, we’ll be merry this festive season. Is it too much asked to take a moment and reflect on all our blessings? I know this is not the ideal situation and that we, most of all I think the TCLM workers, wished for better circumstances. To be able to go home after doing your duty from 8-5 or 7-4 and to know: Today I did the best I could. Maybe there will be the necessary spares available tomorrow. In any case, hopefully before Christmas!


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