Pilgrim’s community clears roadsides

Frieda Paton

We all know those Sunday afternoon blues – the weekend is nearly over and tomorrow it’s back to work.  Some members of the Pilgrim’s Rest community discovered a remedy on November 25th  – getting busy with clearing up litter on the road. The activity provided exercise and lots of laughter, as well as a good night’s sleep afterwards.

The clean-up was organized by Graskop Conservancy to clear the access roads to the village of unsightly rubbish in the run-up to the holiday season.  In the late afternoon members of this voluntary organisation were joined by other Pilgrim’s residents and the group cleared a stretch of about 1Km from the Joubert Bridge up to the turn-off to Mashishing. More than 30 black bags of litter were collected by young and old before the sun went down.

Another clean-up was organised for Sunday 2 December on the other side of the village around the Diggings site, but unfortunately it was rained out after about six black bags were filled.

As can be expected there were a lot of cans as well as plastic and glass bottles, evidently thrown out of car windows.  What was most disturbing were the plastic bags filled with rubbish that appeared to have been collected and then dumped out of cars at the road side. The question arises why the travellers could not have waited to discard the litter in a bin when they reached the next town. There were also numerous areas, a few metres in from the roadside, which appeared to have been used as dumping sites.

Tourism is the main source of income in our area and we should all take pride in welcoming our visitors to pleasant surroundings. A simple contribution that each one of us can make towards protecting our beautiful environment is to dispose of our own rubbish responsibly and to set a good example for our children.

While travelling during the holidays, think twice before throwing things out of the window. Keep a plastic shopping bag in your car for your litter and discard it a bin at your next stop.

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