Celebration as Grade RR’s graduate

Frieda Paton

Nineteen little boys and girls graduated on November 23 from Grade RR at the crèche attached to Pilgrim’s Rest Primary School.

At the start of the proceedings, the graduates were dressed in special shirts embroidered with the school emblem and their names on the back.  They were seated at a table decorated festively with flowers, tinsel, balloons, jugs of cold drink, and bowls of sweets. The audience then entered with the teachers, parents and grandmothers singing, dancing and ululating with abandon in their honour.

Once everyone was settled, the MC of the day, Nomsa Tlhala, a nursery school principal from Moremele addressed the gathering.  “As parents, you must do everything in your power to protect these small children and provide them with the food, clothing and love they need.”

In between various speeches, the children entertained the audience – showing off what they had learnt.  After the group sang the National Anthem, the boys performed gumboot dancing followed by the girls swaying to Kwêla rhythms, all in colourful traditional outfits.  Next was modelling, using the stage like a catwalk, with the girls in swimwear and the boys dressed casually in shorts and fashionable t-shirts. After changing back into their original clothes, each of the children recited a poem.

Eventually, a tired group of graduates paraded on stage in their graduation caps and gowns to receive their diplomas.  All-in-all it was a grand event to send the children off on the serious business of their school careers where, from next year, they will join the main school and wear school uniforms every day.

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