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Decaying Hossy Cup into abeyance

The Sabie Bowls Club, a section of the Sabie Country Club, has a very eye-catching trophy called the Hossy Cup. It was awarded each year to the winners of the “Opening of the Green” Tournament. The trophy has been engraved every year from 1989 until 2007 with the names of the winning team. Then it went into abeyance…

“The Green traditionally was opened, with great anticipation, having been closed round about August and September for annual maintenance of the facilities, and to give the bowling green some much-needed rest and a lot of TLC,” Chris Colverd said.

This rather sensible tradition was revived this year, when the Green was closed in October, with work starting on October 16 with attention being paid to restoring the ditches around the bowling surface to their prescribed width and depth. “We were lucky to have found a small, and very competent and willing group of workers from Simile, who provided much-needed manpower to help Richard Quinnell and Thomas. Merle organised another similar group, consisting mainly of some of our lady bowlers, assisted by our own gardeners, who really had their work cut out in trying to bring some semblance of order to the gardens, which had not been touched for more than a decade, by the looks of things,” Chris continued.

Whilst the Ladies toiled, the men tackled the bowling green, scarifying, hollow tining, grooming and top dressing, before leaving the grass to grow.

“The Chairman started painting. As you know, once you have painted one thing, everything else looks even worse than before, so to cut a long story short, he painted everything, with the help of Merle and Douglas who renovated our small bowls room and the toilets on the far side.

We had some heart-stopping moments a week ago, when one of the Flood Light poles suddenly, without warning, on a clear sunny Wednesday afternoon fell in a split second, with an ear-shattering thud, right onto the surface of the green. For weeks the teams had been working around that area, but someone up there was looking after us all that day, as the consequences could have been extremely dire.

Well, we are just waiting for the grass to be cut, and we will be ready to roll, and the Hossy Cup will be ready for new names of the 2018 winners to be engraved on its shiny, bright surface. Watch this space,” Chris concluded.

Information from Chris Colverd.

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