Clinic @ the Rank

Clintin Brummer

On the 25th of October for the very first time, a collaboration took place that was worth noting. Three clinics from around our area, Sabie and Harmony Hill included, banded together and held an exhibition at the Sabie Taxi rank with health in mind.

Having quite the number of stalls and attendees the day turned out more productive than anticipated. There was an ample number of speakers, each talking about a different topic. As each spectator watched in silence, they were enlightened about the actual health risks that are in the environment. For example, when Sister Joy, one of the speakers, spoke about TB and how opening a window in a taxi can help lower the risk of being contaminated with TB.

“Because we wanted to launch a mobile clinic point at the taxi rank, all three clinics came together and we started. This being a message to people saying use your clinics. That is what they are there for; do not go directly to the hospital for minor things. A lot of the times they do not want you there before you have gone to the clinic. Going to the hospital for minor things costs the hospital three times more than it would cost the clinic to attend to that patient.

We need to get into contact with the local community to find out what is needed from us so that we can help them better,” Said Sister Riekie van Maanen from Harmony Hill Clinic.

This is a serious initiative taken by these three clinics, as the mobile clinic will be stopping at the Sabie taxi rank twice a month. This is to better aid the local community and promote overall good health. With such hands on deck, this is sure to be a successful venture.

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