Money in our Local community

Clintin Brummer

When looking at places to invest in, the overall infrastructure of any given area is thoroughly investigated to see what worth lies within the community. So, let’s look at Sabie. Our town has a multitude of investable sectors, all offering profitable yields.

First, let’s take a look at the businesses in and around our town. Sabie might be in decline, but that does not mean that there is no money in our community. After having spoken to a few business owners about owning a business in Sabie, some similarities arose. The one thing that remains the same is that their choice to invest in Sabie has been influenced greatly by their love for the little town.

Even after what our town has suffered, people still say that the tourism industry has a part to play in the profitability of many local businesses. The question was simple, does tourism generate profit? It seemed that some people were adamant in their reply.

Some believe that moving to a more local-focused sector would increase their business’s profits, some believe that the tourism industry in Sabie is starting to take a back seat to tourism, compared to a town like Graskop. Some believe most of our international guests would rather enjoy their stay there, than in Sabie.

On the other hand, some do believe that Sabie cannot be excluded from the list, saying that “remember Sabie is still around and there is no doubt in my mind that given time, Sabie will rise to what it used to be”, one of the local business owners said.

The tourism industry still carries a tremendous weight in our community. Our town still sees a number of tourists and whether you are focused on that sector or not, tourists nationally and internationally, do make up a reasonable amount of the financial traffic in Sabie.

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