Graskop and Sabie Spar Motorcycle Treasure Hunt 2018


Thomas Bőhm

The sun was struggling to rise on a misty Graskop Sunday morning that saw 22 eager motorcycling riders participating in a Treasure Hunt hosted by Sabie Valley Rider Academy and Graskop and Sabie Spar. The riders were spoiled by Raymond Emmerick, owner of Spar Graskop and Spar Sabie,  and his team at the Graskop start with coffee and a delicious complimentary breakfast.

Riders, where given a briefing and an entry form where tasks, riddles and questions had to be completed. One of the tasks was to take a selfie at each of the seven Jock Plagues in and between the towns of Graskop and Sabie.

At Maria Shires waterfall a stationary bike challenge was presented seeing riders having to climb off their bikes on the wrong side, do a complete lap of the motorcycle and alight the bike from the wrong side again, all without using the main or side stand of the bike. All but one participant succeeded.

The local flowers sellers were also involved with the riders having to solve a riddle.  The correct seller gave each rider a Spar token. In the Town of Sabie, the animals on the tiles at the Post Office had to be counted, a rope knot challenge at the historic horse hitching post at the FNB Bank had to be completed. A blindfolded beer tasting challenge at the Wild Fig Market, hosted by Karoo Craft Breweries, had to be completed.

After another riddle challenge at Sabie Spar, the participants could earn bonus points by donating dog food products to Sabie – MAST.

Prize giving was filled with banter and Spar once again spoiled all participants with lunch and refreshments. The winning team of father and daughter, Dix and Kathleen van Dam and runners-up Wayne Lesch and Burger Snyders received amazing hampers, with no one going home empty handed as Spar gave prizes to every participant.

The objective of the organisers is to create an annual event that showcases the scenic beauty, history of the area and the amazing motorcycling routes that the towns of Sabie and Graskop have to offer.

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