It takes one to make a difference

Recently a contractor of York Timbers decided to make positive use of the time while the strike took place.  Living in Harmony Hill in Sabie, which also hosts the cemetery of the town, Reggie Setwaba (36) of Sedwaba-Sethu made the decision to be the difference.

“It is a known fact that the local municipality Thaba Chweu does not maintain the cemetery as it should be done, and I wanted to make a difference.  The overgrown cemetery poses a great danger to the children and pedestrians walking to and from town through the premises.  The danger is not only of being hurt or abducted or raped but because of the snakes as well. The neglect is a sign of disrespect towards our family and friends that are buried in the cemetery.”

Setwaba utilized his resources of staff and equipment to clean up the area.  They cleaned with brush cutters and chainsaws and removed a vast amount of debris and branches.  When he was asked why he is doing it for one full month at no charge, carrying all the expenses, he mentioned that he send a proposal for the maintenance of the cemetery, but received no response from TCM.  He will also be maintaining the sports field being utilized by the youth to play soccer, a much-needed activity to keep the youth off the street and give them something to do.

Setwaba would like companies to come on board and assist with the maintenance of said projects as a goodwill gesture towards the community.    Volunteers are welcome to assist and join in to maintain the cemetery.  Setwaba can be contacted on 078-543-9583 or emailed on

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  1. Well done Reggie. When one does good to another and do not expect something in return – it is the ultimate test of character and support for your community. Thank you for cleaning the cemetery – I am sure the families appreciate your work and effort.

  2. Well done for the CSI, on behalf of your company, and your good heart and that of your employees, to help out in making a difference in our community, it is not only in the hands of the Municipality, but that of the companies surrounding the area. Well done Mr Reggie. Our community would have been far if all the companies around Sabie follow your Golden Steps.

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