Recycling – Body parts


Richard Quinnell

There are several Sabie residents who have as a hobby the restoration of motorcycles and vehicles. Often these modes of transport are found in a sad state of disrepair. To restore these vehicles to a pristine working state, they require body parts. This often takes time, patience and some money but when completed, these vehicles are rewarding to drive or ride, bringing back fond memories of bygone days to the older generations.

But the sourcing of body parts or spares is not only restricted to vehicles. Antique furniture, clocks, kitchen appliances, woodwork machines and so forth with either monetary or sentimental value, might also need body parts. Therefore recycling of such body/spare parts is an important exercise. I have used old vacuum cleaner motors to construct a successful shavings extractor for my thickness planer. The extractor saves me a huge mess to clean up.

What about human body parts? This may seem to some people macabre or gross but, however, let us reflect for a moment. At the present moment you are blessed with a healthy body; a body which is genetically sound and helps you live a healthy, fun-filled life. Recently there was a call in the GPS News for fund assistance for Mikayla Oosthuizen, 8 years old who is in urgent need of a kidney transplant. It appears that her father may be a suitable donor. Hopefully, she may soon be a normal healthy young lady, able to experience all the joys of life.

It is through organ donation that my eldest daughter is able to live a full life. She, in her late teens, required a cornea transplant. Her motto now is simple- every day must be fun.

In 1988 the Organ Donor Foundation (ODF) of South Africa was established. ODF is a non-profit organisation that relies on public participation for funding and registered organ and bone marrow tissue donors. Most of us Sabians know Valerie Kemp of GPS News; she is a registered organ and bone marrow tissue donor.

Once your time has passed here on Earth, your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and pancreas has the potential to save seven lives. Further, your skin is particularly valuable to children who are burn victims. Your corneas, heart valves, tendons and bone marrow can vastly improve the quality of up to 50 people’s lives.

Those of us that donate blood are also part of the “save a life recycle program”. I personally find donating blood invigorating and have extra energy for several weeks after donation.

To register as an organ donor a toll-free number is available- 0800 22 66 11, Mon-Fri 8am-4pm. Registration is free, no medical is required. You can also specify which organs and tissue you wish to donate. The ODF staff will gladly assist with religious concerns and other questions.

Most of us in Sabie practice material recycling in one way or the other. Take time to reflect and go one step further if you are not at present an organ, tissue or blood donor.

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