Snare Day for Sabie

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Sabie-MAST (Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust) & SASA (Sabie Anti-Snare Association) joined forces on Friday, August 24TH.

Over a short period, Sabie-MAST Volunteers have come across at least six Sabie dogs that were caught in snares. They felt they had no other option but to organise a search party to remove snares. This is a horrific way in which to catch animals. The suffering they experience is indescribable.

Volunteers went out on a cold, wet day and not the ideal weather for this type of expedition. The search was almost cancelled due to the wet and cold BUT the Volunteers met in the rain and decided to plod on. Armed with slashers and wire cutters they cut through brambles and tramped through mud to find/remove 35 snares, saving 35 animals from potential suffering and most likely horrific death.

They give thanks to the Volunteers from Graskop Conservancy (who recently removed 92 fish snares from our river – unbeknown to the Sabie Community) Samantha van Niekerk and Nico Venter, Sabie-MAST Debbie Moller, Hayley van Wyk, Vaughn Bradley and Tiaan van Niekerk and a huge, grateful thanks to Phoenix Flying Squad Kenneth & Henry who took them to a specific area where they discovered six of the snares found that were almost invisible to the eye.  Phoenix Flying Squad were an asset to the day.

This is just the beginning. Follow their Facebook Page

For more information about Sabie-MAST and what they do – please contact either Debbie 082 222 2204 or Hayley 072 370 6598 or Email

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