Community service part of the mix for Penryn field trips

Frieda Paton

Field trips for pupils from Penryn College outside Nelspruit are not only about fun and experiencing the sights in the area, but include some hard work to benefit the local communities as well as tourism.

When Grade 8 learners visited Pilgrim’s Rest on August 28, they spent a few hours clearing alien vegetation around the old diggings site. The day before, they visited Kobeng Primary School in the Bourke’s Luck area where they did some painting and erected new netball poles and nets.

“Every year we do field trips with our kids. We take them around the area to see the sights but we also try and do some community service,” explained Kay Anderson, one of the teachers. “During the week we do fun activities but we also try and expose them to some of the things that need to be done to keep the area in a good condition.”

“It feels great knowing you are doing something good and not expecting anything in return,” replied one of the girls when asked how they felt about the clearing experience. They did, however, all agree that it had been very hot and tiring.

The work was followed by fun activities in and around Pilgrim’s Rest. This included a gold panning competition against each other and being introduced to “Wheelbarrow Patterson”, who had discovered the gold in the area in 1873.

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