Charity for education

Clintin Brummer

Following what could be called a successful market the Wild Fig Tree restaurant had education in mind. On the 4th of September, they made a hand over towards Lindani Primary school and towards Harmony Hill Primary. This hand over consisted of educational items, bought with development in mind, each item will aid in the learner’s development, be it math’s or be it something as simple as ball skills.

There was a need identified by Wild Fig Tree in these schools and so it was decided that using funds raised at each market held, they would try to do their best in assisting these schools. “I used to be a foundation stage teacher for many years; I can’t put into teaching what I used to, but there is a definite need for equipment. I think the emphasis needs to be put on the foundation stage of the little ones because it works from the bottom up,” said Karien from Wild Fig Tree

“I’m very happy this will go a long way in assisting our little ones, especially with counting. There are balls as well which will keep them active. We are appreciative of what they have done,” said Vinolia Mokoena, principal of Harmony Hill Primary.

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