Water to the Youth

Clintin Brummer

Recently, an organization had the initiative to help one of our local schools, Lindani Primary School, since our region has seen its fair share of water shortages. Those water shortages have caused quite a lot of problems for these learners, as a result of plumbing not working when there is no water and these children get sent home.

So the general idea was that this organization would come in and install bore-holes in Lindani Primary School and by doing so made the school independent from the municipality. Every time the municipality cannot provide water the school, they can simply get it from their own bore-hole.

When interviewing Cassim Bhikhoo, he seemed quite happy with the outcome of this event, having even seen the Mayor present on the day. “I was invited by this organization because, I am one of the local people, we were asked to be present when the handover to the school was done,” said Cassim Bhikhoo

After being asked how long these plans have been gaining momentum, it was clear that this event had not been hastily planned. “It was quite some time, plans already started last year, while being there we also distributed some cold drinks and snacks to all the children,” said Cassim Bhikhoo. Having installed these bore-holes, these learners can now even uphold their own gardens. “They now have water for their plants and vegetables all of the time. They also have a feeding scheme at the school,” Cassim Bhikhoo said.

Such involvement has enabled education in times where there could be none. Having such events take place around our town shows the slow but sure improvement we are having in regards to our local education.

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