Are there really ghosts here? Visitors often ask this question in Pilgrim’s Rest

Frieda Paton

The Ghostie Tour in Pilgrim’s Rest is one of the most popular excursions offered by Brummer Tours. There are many stories to tell about curious phenomena that visitors have experienced over the years.  The tour includes after dark visits to the Alanglade House Museum and to the old cemetery.

The Ghostie Tour is not intended nor presented as a ghost hunt or a gimmicky tour and the unusual occurrences are those observed or felt by visitors during the tours.  “It depends on what groups create amongst themselves – being open minded, sharing when they feel or “see” something or even capturing unexpected images in photographs,” explained Sharon Green, one on the tour guides.  “This usually happens with bigger groups where there is more energy.”

Alanglade, the period house museum, was built in 1916 as the official mine manager’s residence.  Mr Richard Allan Barry, the mine manager at the time, and his family were the first occupants.  Mr and Mrs Barry had also been intimately involved in the planning and interior décor of Alanglade and it was restored to reflect the long years during which the family had lived there.

Alanglade is where the majority of paranormal phenomena have been experienced and observed.  This includes cameras freezing or batteries that suddenly go flat, awareness of a presence, getting goosebumps, seeing shadows, and even capturing facial images on camera.  “This happens mostly during November and December, times of the year when the Barry children would be at home from boarding school,” explained Green. “To date, there have never been any negative or harmful encounters.”

At the graveyard, visitors regularly capture photographs of orbs.  Orbs are illuminated circular spots of light caught on camera.  They can usually be explained by the light of a flash reflecting off dust, water vapour, pollen or insects.  Some orbs, however, cannot be explained through natural optical phenomena and paranormal researchers believe these are manifestations of spiritual energy.

So what is the answer the question of whether there are ghosts in Pilgrim’s Rest?  It is up to each individual to come and see and answer this question for themselves.

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