Sabie Ratepayers Association

Michele du Plessis

The newly formed Sabie Ratepayers Association, under the chairmanship of Captain Gwilym Rees, distributed its first bulletin on July 12th.

According to Captain Rees, the turn-out at the inaugural meeting on July 4th at the Sabie Country Club was very heartening. “Let me start by thanking all those who responded to the invitation to the inaugural meeting last Wednesday.  We had about 100 attendees and numerous apologies.  In addition, many people enrolled on the night.”

“The Management Committee was elected at the meeting but since then, I regret that there have been some changes.  For personal reasons, Rupert Culwick has resigned as Chairman and the Management Committee, therefore, asked me on Monday, to take over.  I have accepted their proposal and accordingly, I shall step down from the position of Chairman of the Sabie Chamber of Commerce and Tourism at the AGM next month.  This will leave the position of Chairman open to nomination.  Going forward, the Chamber’s main focus will be Business (this includes Tourism and the Hospitality sectors) and Community-orientated, while the SRA will take over all Ratepayers matters,” Captain Rees said.

We are currently busy setting up the administration of the SRA; doing all the paperwork, finalising the constitution, registering and setting up a bank account.  Likewise, a WhatsApp Group and a Facebook page are in the process of being set up.  Regarding the WhatsApp Group, we will load the numbers of all those who attended the meeting and those who apologised.  We will inform you when everything is in place.”

The enrollment form has been amended to include an e-mail address and a question as to whether you wish to be on the WhatsApp Group. “To those who have already signed an enrollment form and have provided your e-mail address to us, this will be fine – the new form is for those who have not yet enrolled. To those who wish to enrol, please see the attached, complete the form and send it to,” Captain Rees continued.

According to Captain Rees, communications between TCLM and SCCT is still strained. “As you may be aware, the municipal strike has finally ended and people are back at work as of yesterday.  This has hampered communications between the SRA and TCLM but we trust that TCLM will now start to respond.”

Captain Rees also commented on the following matters pertaining to Sabie:  The burning of fire breaks, block burning and burning of empty stands in Mount Anderson started yesterday and should be completed at the end of this week.  Thank you to John Masina and his team.  A major water leak below the Railway pump station in Mount Anderson was repaired on Tuesday by the TCLM plumber and York.  Thank you to Dirk Smit, Willy Nkosi and others. I have reported the sewerage leak behind Zano’s and this was attended to yesterday. The sewerage leak near the Bridge (sewerage running into the River) was attended to yesterday. Three other sewerage leaks are being attended to at the moment.  Thanks to Thabo Maake and his team.”

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