Emmanuel daily bread

Clintin Brummer

Mandla Ndlovu from Emanuel Daily Bread Bakery in Simile, Sabie had a large vision in his heart. He set out to get people from multiple countries and continents involved, all in the name of giving to those who does not have.

“We started the project in 2016. The reason why we started this bakery was to give to the poor, through a giving ministry. We had an idea of saying, there is a lot of poor people who cannot afford to buy food. And if there is someone who can bake bread for them, because remember, the Bible says Jesus is the bread of life. So when we give bread to people, they actually see the love of God. But, the bakery cannot survive alone as a giving ministry. We needed to have a business leg in order to have money to give bread freely.

Therefore it became a bakery, selling bread whilst giving bread to the poor on the other side. We have expanded the bakery into a restaurant as well.

We also try to create jobs for the local people. We are expanding into Africa, but most of all we are supported by Brother Morgan Gary from the United States of America. I found that our goals where very similar and he supported us financially.

Pastor Gene Nicole played a key role in connecting us and working together, we bought the equipment for the bakery. We built the bakery from the ground up and things are just in the beginning stages. We are starting to put up another bakery in Cape Town, in fact, all over Africa as that is the vision that we have. I will be going to Cape Town soon to meet the pastors; even pastors from Zimbabwe and Malawi now are involved,” said Mandla Ndlovu.

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