Creativity defeats poverty

By Kopano Dibakwane

Unemployment is identified as one of the leading challenges affecting many communities in the country.

Sophie Masina from Glory Hill (Graskop) has found a way to tackle poverty, by using her hands to create clothing items.

The innovative mother said that she started making belts, headbands, wrist wear, made out of beads in 2017. Her skill was refined and she continued to create shoes made out of wool and other material.

“I can create about three pairs of shoes in one day. I work according to orders and I design for all ages. There are no jobs; people need to find creative ways to make a living without committing crime. I receive orders from people of all races, they say they appreciate my work because I create everything with my own hands,” she said.

Masina also said that she shares her skill with neighbours by providing free lessons on how to design the items.

“I teach my neighbours so that they can also find a way to survive and alleviate poverty. I wish others can join me so that we can create a project and sell our items to bigger shops.  I’m more interested in young people; they must come and learn some skills to support their families. They must not always wait for the government to help them, they are still young and they can learn ways to improve and develop the community,” said Masina.

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