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Editorial: What makes you happy?

Many of us go through the motions of life and can’t seem to find true happiness. We compare ourselves to others, and fall short. How or where do you find everlasting peace and joy?
Some people will pursue a career, hoping and trusting that when they achieve the position they so desire, they will be happy. When they look back on their journey from the top, mostly they are disillusioned, because it did not bring them lasting joy. It is sad that many people mistakenly believe that money will bring them lasting happiness. However, many who have taken this path soon discovers that they are on the wrong road toward happiness.
Others put all their love and energy in being a good parent, going the extra mile. Later on maybe feel they are being pushed aside and rejected by their “too busy” children. Some people will spend hours at the gym toning and building their bodies, but are never satisfied. Some will have multiple cosmetic surgery to enhance the body and its beauty, to no avail. The mind still craves peace and joy. Your soul needs to be happy before your mind will adapt. Happiness comes from within, not from external.
Some will turn to other idols or addictions just to feel that little bit of happiness. Thrill seekers depending on an adrenalin rush to satisfy their urge for happiness, risking their lives just to find joy and happiness.
Do you have more than a little trouble accessing good and happy positives? Are your thoughts stubbornly returning to the things that are wrong in your life? Do you ponder on life and question even the existence of God? Do you always suppress you own personality just to fit in or to be accepted?
There are absolutely thousands of things in life to make your day, to make your life a happy one, but it is only temporarily. The most important thing is your attitude towards life, how you see life and things happening around you. If you have the right attitude, you will be happy in the worst of the situations. Don’t over analyze everything. However, you cannot do it by yourself.
How do we make that mind shift, focusing on the positive? Look around you, observe the beauty of nature. Watch a sunset and see God painting a masterpiece, just for you. Close your eyes and feel the cool breeze of wind, dance in the rain. Look into the loving eyes of a child. Choose to see the beauty instead of criticizing. Put your focus back on God. Speak live over your situation, seek what gives you peace and joy unending. Find it and guard it with passion.
I have learned through experience that if you take your eyes off Jesus, you will notice all the pain, unhappiness, ugly and hurt in life. Put your eyes back on Him, and you will be able to survive and be happy in a broken world. If you want to be truly happy, there is no other source of knowledge and wisdom that you should consult except God. In Psalm 37 V 4 it says: Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Our contentment must be coupled with godliness. Contentment is not about being passive and lay around all day because we are “content” with our lives. Godly contentment means that you have put your trust and confidence in God that He will provide all your needs. It is the confidence that after you have done your best, God will do the rest.
Life is short, we do not know what the day of tomorrow holds. There may not be a tomorrow for me, or you! Why wait, choose to be happy now! However, to achieve this, it comes with a word of warning. If you choose to walk the road with God, you have to let go of your own ways and will.

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