Voldemort visits Sabie

Michele du Plessis

In a very surprising turn of events this weekend, one of the main characters from the Harry Potter saga turned up in Sabie. “He who must not be named” was seen in various places on Sunday, June 24th.

“He who must not be named” was also seen in Nelspruit at the same time. Not surprisingly so, as his magical abilities are said to include appearing and disappearing, the same as the cat in Alice in Wonderland. From the look of things, he was apparently in Sabie to undo the damage the clowns did when they laid the pipes on the old Lydenburg road piping system. “Let me inform you, the pipe laid on old Lydenburg Rd was not laid on river sand which is the norm! It will continually burst because of the pressure on it. Being laid on bare soil and rock the pipe is exposed to pressures that it cannot withstand! I’m not sure who appointed these clowns, but it is the reality?”

In an effort to minimize the time spent chasing the wild geese, “He who must not be named” first went to a site where the leak was purportedly, but to no avail. The information sent by owl via the grapevine on Sabie Service Delivery WhatsApp group seemed not to be correct.

One of the respondents on the group said: “Present at the pump house this morning, there were two mill employees from Infrastructure and one private resident. Please stop sweet talking the community as your officials are lying to you. Also please note there is no leak on the said grounds, but a major leak on the old Lydenburg road piping system.”

As to whether “He who must not be named” was present at the leak caused by clowns not supporting pipes with sand, is debatable. “I don’t know where you gather your info. I have seen “He who must not be named” in duty; he did not lie to anyone and the whole town knows “He who must not be named” is always available and very dedicated to his work. HE IS IN DUTY (sic). Thanks,” another respondent responded vehemently.

In an effort to stem the tide of alleged sightings of “He who must not be named”, one respondent responded with unsubstantiated calming words: “Mrs, please calm down. A customer is always right. Once he or she is frustrated she can say whatever, whether true or not. You do have a Rooster and you know what you are talking about. Let us work hard together with others to make sure our people have water finish n klaar.”

At the time of going to press, GPS News could not assert if “He who must not be named”, the clowns or the Rooster was at the site of the TCLM leak. No official could be reached for comment.


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