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Between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018, the SAPS lost 85 police officers on and off-duty throughout the country.

Speaking to the community that took time to heed the call including to SAPS members, Deputy National Commissioner Lt General Bonang Mgwenya said too many members have lost their lives at the hands of criminals both on and off duty and the scourge unfortunately continues.

“Our policemen and women are human beings of flesh and blood. They are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, who lead normal lives just like anybody else,” said the Deputy National Police Commissioner, General Christine Mgwenya.

Lt Gen Mgwenya called on communities throughout the country to expose police killers and criminal activities in their midst. “All SAPS members should be able to perform their duties free of fear so that they can ensure a safe and secure environment for inhabitants of South Africa.”

“We are appealing to everyone on all levels of society, young and old, to stand together with the South African Police Service to stop the ruthless criminals who threaten the stability and peace on our country.”

Deputy National Commissioner, Lt Gen Mgwenya explained that the SAPS management has identified several strategies, including the review of the National Police Safety Strategy, to ensure that its members are safe.

“We can have many police safety initiatives and plans in place but we will never succeed if we do not have the buy-in and cooperation of our communities,” General Mgwenya said.

In most instances, police officers are killed while responding to complaints, effecting arrests, at stop-and-search operations by suspects resisting arrests, and they are also lured to their death with false complaints.

The police are also murdered for their firearms, which criminals use to commit serious and violent crimes.

The Anti-Police Killing Campaign kicked-off with a visit to an orphaned home where donations were made and senior managers taking a stand to look after the needs of the children at the centre. Several police roadblocks were held at various areas, where police officers stopped and searched vehicles.


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