Hacker attack

D van Wyk

So you think that your personal computer doesn’t have anything a hacker would be interested in like credit card numbers or private information? Wrong.  Cybercrime is alive and very active in South Africa.

A hacker still finds your computer very useful for several reasons:

Your computer could be used to launch an attack on other computers;

It could be used to send emails to all your contacts impersonating you.

A hacker could change data on your computer or they could use your Internet data connection for their Internet activities.

One precaution to avoid these attacks is by changing your passwords frequently.  Here are some basic guidelines for the most secure passwords:

  • Avoid names or words found in the dictionary.
  • Use a combination of special characters, numbers and letters.
  • Include a non-alphanumeric character (such as #, @, or $) in the middle of the password.
  • Use ten characters or more.

Don’t forget that Passwords are case sensitive (for example, “ABC” is different from “abc”).

A second precaution is to have secure Wi-Fi connections with secure passwords.  Do not allow unauthorised access to your Wi-Fi systems.  Hackers use this as a platform for their attacks on other computer networks.  Using your Wi-Fi they could be anonymous.

Crimes on our digital devices are escalating.  Daily attacks are taking place, but are not reported.  Please be vigilant, and keep your families safe.

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