York and LEFPA training fire teams

Michele du Plessis

On May 29th, a refresher training course was held for the York fire fighting teams at Elandsdrif, Hendriksdal in preparation for the fire season that starts on June 1st.

York provided tactile in-house training and LEFPA (Lowveld & Escarpment Fire Protection Association) did the bomber loader training. A bomber plane and spotter plane was used in this training exercise. York sub-contractors were also present.

LEFPA is an organization with approximately 500 voluntary members covering roughly 880 500 ha within an operational area of 1 980 000 ha. The operational area includes State land, forestry, agriculture, plots, small holdings and conservation properties.

As one of the largest FPAs in the country, LEFPA deals with all aspects of fire detection, prevention, suppression, rehabilitation and awareness and is a member of the Provincial Umbrella Fire Protection Association (MUFPA – Mpumalanga Umbrella Fire Protection Association).

Services and resources provided:

Fire fighting aircraft, fire fighting Ground Crews, Dispatch Centre, Fire Detection, Fire Awareness, Weather Forecasting, Weather Updates, Burning Permit Issuing, and GIS Mapping, related Training, Legal advice and assistance.

All photo credit: Nick Ferreira

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