Dog rescued by Phoenix

Kopano Dibakwane

An innocent dog almost lost its precious life after being trapped by a snare in an open veld around Graskop. The distressed dog was very likely to die due to pain and distress, but a lifeline came just in time.

“Snare traps are anchored cable or wire nooses set to catch wild animals, mostly for bush meat or the illegal trade in animal parts or skins. Wire snares are specified as a prohibited hunting method, and setting such snares is a criminal offense.”

According to Phoenix Security-Captain Erick Swanepoel, the trapped dog was discovered during a routine patrol in the area. “During routine patrols, we often find snares and traps set out to catch prey. The animals caught often dies a terrible and slow death.”

“Illegal hunting with wire snares is particularly undesirable from a conservation perspective. It is a highly effective method that involves a low cost and effort from the hunter. Hunting with snare traps is also highly un-selective (in terms of species type, age and sex of animals caught), it is often wasteful (snares are often not checked regularly, resulting in capture animals rotting) and also an animal welfare concern (animals are often severely injured and maimed). This hunting method is difficult to control because snares are not easily detected and it often takes place on private property, as well as in the plantations and grasslands surrounding our area.”

“We came across the dog in snares; it was rescued by Lt Maphuti Selepe who works for Phoenix Security in Graskop. We took the dog to a vet in Lydenburg; it went through an operation on the leg that was severely injured. The dog is now in the care of Phoenix Security,” said Swanepoel.

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