CANSA celebrates Survivors

Michele du Plessis

On June 4th, the first Sunday in June each year, the world celebrates cancer survivors, demonstrating that life after cancer diagnosis can be a reality.

“Every day, CANSA earns its reputation as South Africa’s go-to provider of support, cancer Survivors can depend on, by making a positive difference to their lives,” says CANSA Chief Executive Officer, Elize Joubert.

“But we still think it is important to join thousands of people in hundreds of communities across the globe on 4 June, and during the whole week, celebrating hope and life with cancer Survivors. We delight in honouring those in our community who are living with and beyond cancer, showing the world that life after a cancer diagnosis can be fruitful, rewarding and even inspiring,” continues Joubert.

In South Africa, one in four people will be affected by cancer in their lifetime – either by being diagnosed with cancer themselves or by the diagnosis of a family member, friend or colleague. And the trend is accelerating. A recent study in Lancet predicts that South Africa could see a 78% increase in the number of cancer cases by 2030. More cases means more Survivors.

As cancer Survivors and their loved ones know, it takes time to recover and adjust. For a Survivor, it isn’t always possible to return to their previous version of “normal”. It may take time to settle into the new “normal”. That’s where CANSA’s support tools and programmes come in.

CANSA Sabie would like to make contact with cancer survivors in Sabie and the surrounding area. “We want to spoil them with lunch, but to do this, we need to know who the cancer survivors are,” Rika Knoetze, CANSA liason in Sabie said. “Please let us know who you are and send us a Whatsapp or SMS to 0845700428,” Rika concluded.

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