Lenny the Lowveld lion captured


Michele du Plessis

The free roaming lion that made headlines this past week, was captured today, June 2nd, near Hops Hollow and Whiskey Creek.

“Lenny the Lowveld lion was spotted by a Van Wettens driver who phoned the police. The SAPS, in turn, phoned the Mpumalanga Parks Board. The lion had caught one of the cattle near Hops Hollow. Gerrie Camacho, Mpumalanga Parks Board, tracked the lion and the lion was darted by one of the Parks Board people. We were called out initially to help with locating the lion.

Lenny then hid in the very dense bush and Phoenix Security, Lydenburg, brought a drone so that the position of the lion could be established. The tranquilised lion was transported to the Parks Board vehicle’” Captain Frank, Phoenix Security said.

Gerrie Camacho said to GPS News that the lion will be transported to Wild Vets near Nelspruit. “They will evaluate the lion for TB and other illnesses. Thereafter the lion will be released in a private game reserve that needs lions near the Kruger Park,” Gerrie Camacho said.

Apparently Lenny the Lowveld lion (the name that Captain Frank gave the escape artist) is six years old and that he had escaped previously. “Lenny was handled with much care and love by the Parks Board guys. Although it was nerve-wracking to search for this lion in the dense bush, it was done with great care,” Captain Frank said.

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