IDP Meeting in Graskop

Kopano Dibakwane

Thaba Chweu Local Municipality -TCLM- presented a Draft Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for 2018/19. It was during a community meeting held on the evening of 24th April inside the Graskop Town Hall.

The IDP was presented by Graskop Unit Manager-Kemmy Mashego, Ward 10 Councillor – Sandile Shongwe, PR Councillor-Dr David Ligthelm, alongside other officials from the Graskop Unit.

Ward Councillor, Sandile Shongwe, said that the residents attended the meeting in large numbers, displaying their vested interest in the affairs of the town, particularly in relation to issues of service delivery.

“All our diverse groups in Graskop responded in numbers and we are very pleased. The IPD meeting is held according to legislation and we’ll be in violation of the constitution if we fail to present it to the people,” said Shongwe.

Some of the priority needs for Graskop, as listed on the IDP document include roads, water, sanitation, electricity, human settlement, land and waste management, amongst others. Some of the budgeted projects and programmes for Graskop are: patching of potholes by end of 2019-R500 000, formalisation of the informal settlement in Graskop Hostel-R2 350 000.

The biggest budget for a single project was allocated to Hlabekisa, whereby R9, 316, 518 will be spent on a 1km road and it is due for completion by end of June 2019. Other projects and programmes were allocated shared budgets and they cover various wards. These projects include: fencing of cemeteries by end of June 2019-R1 750 000, street names boards to be refurbished by end of June 2019-R270 000, to name a few.

The final chapter of the presentation was dedicated to current tariffs for 2017/18 and the proposed increase for 2018/19. Service such as water went from R9. 56 to R10.23, refuse R99.13 to R106.06, sewerage R99.13 to R106.06.

Shongwe said the meeting was interrupted by a group of unruly residents, who arrived late with an “intention to collapse” the proceedings.

“I feel that the meeting has served its purpose because the ratepayers were satisfied with the presentation. However, we strongly condemn the behaviour of those residents who disrupted the meeting while we were dealing with the issue of by-laws. They denied other residents a chance to hear the entire presentation. Unfortunately, the meeting had to be stopped. I’m glad that we dealt with at least 99% of the issues on the draft document. The residents can expect service delivery and job opportunities through the forthcoming projects,” said Shongwe.

He encouraged the residents to visit the Graskop library or municipality offices for more information.

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