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Michele du Plessis

The School Governing Board (SGB) election took place on March 5th at Sabie Primary. A quorum of 15% was reached on the first meeting and the Facebook page congratulated the parents for that achievement. The following committees were formed:

  • Legal working, policies and discipline: Chairman, Leslie Glass
  • Security, safety, and terrain: Vice chairman, Raymond Lincoln
  • Finances: Deon Breytenbach
  • Secretary and administrative: Mariaan Jansen van Rensburg
  • Professional management, academics, assets and order: Johan Kruger (Ex- officio)
  • Sport and extracurricular activities: Grizelda Prinsloo
  • Social, culture, and welfare: Gawie Pretorius
  • Marketing and funding: Bennie van Heerden
  • Staff and learners: Elma Olivier

“Our aim for the first few weeks, as newly elected Governing Body, is to develop our committees into active working groups to get all our parents involved and to develop teams to strengthen all our structures in the school. Therefore we urge you to avail yourself to serve as a member on one of the above-mentioned committees. Members will also contact you to get as much expertise involved in our school as possible. Let’s take our beautiful school forward by working together as an unstoppable team. We appreciate your positive response.”

Other Sabie Primary news:

The official opening of the new netball courts took place in April. “Thank you to Mr Kruger and the SGB.”

Both the juniors and seniors received certificates for hard work according to the new reward system.

Sabie Primary played rugby and netball against Numbi Primary.

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