Graskop boxers rolling with the punches

By Kopano Dibakwane

Graskop is well on its way to becoming a haven for young boxers. The youngsters are trained and coached by former professional boxer, Lance Gibson.

The aspirant champions attend training at Gibson’s home garage on weekdays. Their routine includes jogging, sparring, punching bag, and more training.

Gibson is known around town for his dedication to the sport, but specifically for the admirable role he plays in patiently developing the youth. GPS News caught up with Gibson during one of the training sessions at his home.

“The guys have fought at least one or two fights each and they are very talented. We’ll be trying to enter them into the Schoolboy Championships during the September/October school holidays. They all fought during a recent tournament held in Graskop, they fought exhibition fights whereby they are all winners. We have a boxing ring in Graskop and we hope most of the coming tournaments will be fought in town, but that’s a provincial decision,” said Gibson.

One of the boys, Rodney Segage, said that he started training with Gibson from last year and he’s positive that one day he’ll make his hometown very proud.

“We just loved the sport and we used to watch other young boxers training. We all want to be serious boxers. It was very scary to fight in the tournament because it was for the first time, but now we are ready for the next fights,” said Segage.

Gibson said that two boxers from his stable, Wesley Gibson and Wisdom Ngwenda, have been selected from the provincial teams to participate in SA Championships, to be held in July inside Graceland Casino – Secunda.

He added that the Championships will be taking place for the first time in eight years. He asked businesses and companies to come on board in assisting the kids with transport, gear and other requirements.

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