Choices in life

Clintin Brummer

Since the dawn of time, we as humans have survived and adapted as we go forth in our pursuit of life and make changes based on choice. Even when these choices go misunderstood, we are comforted by our innate ability to shape our perception.

We do so willingly and aware, throughout life. Our constant, therefore, is a result of choice. So how then does one end with a society such as our own? Each of us is born slaves to our emotions, crying when you feel it necessary. Even at such a young age we strive to live a life that inspires good emotion. Our jobs, partners, choices, the greatest effigy of life is built around emotion.

As with all things we would not be human if there would not be a clash of some sort. Emotions and choice both staple in the processes of free will but both vastly contradictory. One cannot make logical choices with emotions being involved, one cannot be emotional with logic involved. In fact, it would only seem fitting that life is built on contradictory factors.

The moment one comes to such a realization, life’s perception changes slightly, and you are left once again with choices. The staple of life so to speak. Now one is left with questions, logic and emotion. Could balance between these factors be found? The list goes on and on. Contemplation is a necessary skill to master in life as it allows one to be freed by the boundaries placed by people.

Your life consists as a direct result of your choices, every single choice you make from waking up until going to sleep is a choice that affects your life. It alters your perception, elevates your mood, changes circumstance etc. No matter the size of these choices, be it miniscule or world changing.

Throughout your life reflection is needed as it helps center yourself. The past can never change and still, each can see the future. Your choices are your future. Every choice you make today changes tomorrow…

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