CANSA Jail & Bail

Clintin Brummer

On the 14th of April at the Sabie Market Square, our Sabie CANSA Team was hard at work, organizing and managing this year’s annual CANSA Jail & Bail. This event consists of “arresting” people recognized within the community and with their help, raise funds for CANSA.

The day had an early start and excitement was clearly seen on the faces of the CANSA debutants. Debutants sought willing ‘perpetrators’ throughout the day. Some eager, some confused, but all in good spirit, each eager to make bail. The rattle of tins could be heard far and wide and bystanders drew close to sponsor loose change.

Even Phoenix security had been involved with the Jail & Bail fundraiser. Acting as the bounty hunters, they collected and arrested some of those not being held for bail. ‘Jail-birds’ that had agreed to be arrested are listed as follows:

“Ds Erik Brits charged with being inhumane, Lionel Chandler being charged for ensuring so-called “Nida trucks “are kept on the road, Amri Burger charged with being more bubbly than a bubbly chocolate, Carmi Nel charged with being exceptionally beautiful and an Autumn Face finalist for being an example, Rhomardu Jansen van Vuuren being charged with organizing a wedding, Kiewiet Halsvorsten charged with disturbance of the peace. Johandre Venter en Riaan Vermaak, charged with being constantly in love and harboring a fugitive from justice, namely Dayna Potgieter. Wilana Bam received her letter of summons via mobile and ensured to make bail before being arrested. As always, our community ensured to take advantage of this occasion,” Rika Knoetze, CANSA organizer and chairlady said.

Expect of course Ds Erik tried to flee his hearing by running away in true movie fashion as he tried to escape the Phoenix team. Dodging humans like a pro stunt driver, he was run down and captured by Divan. After being tackled with minor plant damage to an enormous cactus, he was brought to the cell built by Sabie Spar. All in all this year’s Jail & Bail was quite the success.

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