Nianell: Connecting with Ubuntu


A van Wyk

The Ubuntu Festival, hosted at the Mbombela stadium during the weekend of April 13th, was a first for South Africa. It celebrated the human spirit under the auspices of the Ubuntu Movement that carries the message of unity, abundance and prosperity for all.

The Lowveld evening delighted in the angelic voice of Nianell as her presence filled the stage and her voice filled the stadium. Supporters were mesmerized by her song, voice and performance.  Nianell is well known for the song named “Who painted the moon black”, that she wrote after a broken heart.  Her inspiration for writing new song comes from people and is clearly reflected in the lyrics. She is a multiple platinum international artists, singer and songwriter.

“As a mother with triplets, you learn that you do not always have control,” says Nianell.  In her song, “Life’s gift”, she echoed, is “that life’s gift is just to be”.  In her spiritual journey, she discovered that the “magic” happens when you just let go and make space for what is supposed to happen.

Nianell conducted a workshop on Saturday, April 14th, called Connect.  As a motivational speaker, she says “I absolutely support the raising of consciousness of this planet and assisting people to just become whole and complete within themselves, in loving themselves and accepting themselves.

Many of us find ourselves in situations where we cannot articulate ourselves in a way that accurately presents the message we intend to pass on to our loved ones or even in the business world. As a result, some of us have unknowingly disconnected. We are lonely, whilst in a room full of people. And, we struggle with loving and accepting ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be great to get to know yourself, to love and accept yourself? To connect with others, and find the courage to remain connected?  Wouldn’t it be amazing to learn valuable insights on how to connect with, and communicate in the most effective way? Wouldn’t you like to revitalise your relationships?”

Nianell is a fresh breath of inspiration. She offers workshops countrywide called Connect and plans to have an online workshop soon.

Nianell will perform in Australia, New Zealand and Russia later this year. The great news is that we can expect her book release later this year.

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