SCCT Working for Sabie

Michele du Plessis

At the feedback meeting on March 28th, the Sabie Chamber of Commerce and Tourism at the Sabie Country Club, the following points are of importance.

Presently TCLM is using the road superintendent’s 1 ½ ton bakkie to collect refuse. TCLM appears to be prepared to continue with this arrangement ad infinitum. “This means the road superintendent does not have his vehicle to fix the roads. The SCCT have previously suggested to TCLM that the Sabie community sets up a company of which they are shareholders, buy a truck and manage the refuse collection but TCLM rejected this out of hand. Joy Comley, Richard Quinnell and the team are busy working on the recycling project and this will take some time, especially to educate the residents,” Captain Gwilym Rees, Chairman of SCCT, said.

The unfinished water reticulation project in Mount Anderson: The SCCT is also involved with the water situation in Simile and Mount Anderson which is in a mess. “The new pipeline in Mount Anderson leaks as soon as the new line is pressurised. Another problem is that the pumps in the Railway pump station cannot put the water into the new reservoir as they cannot lift the water enough.”

“TCLM called a meeting with the contractor on 28 March 2018 to have a look at the Mount Anderson situation. One of the problems at the moment is that the Municipal Manager, Patrick Kgoale, will not talk to SCCT because of the Eskom case and until the relationship is repaired. The new pipeline and pump house in Simile is now functional thanks to Richard Salt (SCCT committee member) and a water contractor. Initially, when the pipeline was laid, the pipe broke out of the ground due to the wrong spec of material and not being properly laid. When the contractor came in to assist in fixing the pipeline, the workers were barefoot and with no protective clothing, which could result in TCLM being sued if there is an accident. This has been put into a report and sent to TCLM.” The SCCT is working closely with the Manager, Water and Sanitation to try to resolve the outstanding water issues.

“Now that the Simile water supply problems have been remedied, there is no valid reason not to remove materials from the old Simile pump station and to undertake the modifications to the main pump station, as previously proposed by the SCCT.”

The SCCT will be requesting a meeting with the Head of Department of CoGTA, the Department of Water Affairs and possibly the Department of Public Works. This opportunity will be used to take them through the water fiasco in Sabie, and get them to talk to TCLM so that when a contract is awarded, the contractor is able to perform the job efficiently. The initial tender document for the new Simile pipeline needs to be obtained as it is believed that the specifications have been changed.

“There have been no further technical meetings. The municipal manager has stated that there will be none until the relationship with Sabie has been repaired. Notwithstanding this and despite communications from the SCCT, it appears that the municipal manager is not interested in repairing the relationship,” Captain Rees said.

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