From the Editor...

From the editor

Psalm 142:1-2NKJV :  I cry aloud with my voice to the Lord;
I make supplication with my voice to the Lord.
I pour out my complaint before Him;
I declare my trouble before Him.

On a daily basis I receive spiritual encouragement from a variety of people and platforms like FB and Whatsapp.  When I read the above bible verse and the comments (below) by Danie van Niekerk of Panorama in Graskop, a thought struck me.  To give some background (thank you Danie):

“David wrote this Psalm when Saul hunted him and he fled into a cave but there came Saul and he entered the same cave. In the state of mind David was in, nothing worse could have happened. Despair calls despair. Fear calls fear. David cries out to God for help. Was David in line with the Word of God? No. He did not consider the Word of God. He considered his circumstances. God anointed him as king over Israel already. He had God’s promise of being the king. He let fear take from him his faith in the Word of God. He believed in God but let his fear take control.

No matter what our circumstances look like. God is for us not against us. He has a plan for us. His Word is full of His promises. Christians should be the most positive people on this earth! Fear and doubt shouldn’t be in our lives because we have the Spirit of God in and with us. Our prayer should be the Word of God. The words of our mouths should be the Word of God. I don’t mean that we must quote scriptures but we must think and talk and act according to the hope we have in us. This hope is not that we hope we will be saved. It is not the hope that all will work out in the end. It is a sure and sound mind, set on the promises of God. Confessing the goodness of God over our lives. Knowing the Truth, the Way and the Life, the Word is alive and powerful to bring down principalities, powers, and everything that elevates itself above the Name of Jesus.

Our enemy wants us to think we are a nobody, nothing and the victim of our circumstances. We are sons of God! Nothing will change this. If we are sons of the King, do we not have authority and power? Do you believe this or the lie?”

My thought: what do we use our voices for? Complaining, speaking out our fears, gossip?  I now that God’s plan for us is of peace, comfort and health.  We usually only see the problem, the and now.  I want to encourage you to look past the problem, past the uncertainty and stand on God’s word.  Despite of what your circumstances look like, He knows all, sees all, and above all, loves us all.

Let us put a guard in front of our mouths and start speaking God’s words, not our own insecurities and judgements.


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