Graskop Conservancy aims to revive Graskop hiking trail

Frieda Paton

 Getting the Jock Hiking Trail in Graskop user friendly again is the main project planned by the Graskop Conservancy for 2018.  This was decided at its Annual General Meeting held on March 8.

The neglected Jock Hiking Trail is a day-hike of about 8km in Graskop.   The Conservancy plans to revitalise it by fixing and repainting the markers and clearing overgrowth blocking the pathways.  There are also plans to develop a new, clearer map with historical and natural information, as well as erecting signposts at the entrance to the trail and in the road.  “With the hike the conservancy can get in money,” said Samantha van Niekerk, Chairman. “We are a non-profit organisation and need to generate funds for projects.  That is why we have made the Jock Trail the main priority for the year.”

There are also plans to develop shorter and easier trails in the area for less experienced and physically able hikers to enjoy. A further possibility is to also revitalise the hiking trails around Pilgrim’s Rest.

Alien plant clearing days in Graskop and Pilgrim’s Rest will also continue this year. Members of the community are asked to join in and dates will be publicised as they become available.

At the AGM a new committee was elected.  The office bearers are Samantha van Niekerk (Chairperson), Renscke Ackermann (Vice-Chairperson), Girla van der Merwe (Secretary), and Hannelie Venter (Treasurer).  Nico Venter, Patience Chima, Nondomiso Simelane and Hettie Ligthelm will serve as additional members.

It was decided that the Executive Committee would meet once a month, but also that there would be a meeting for all members every three months, with a speaker addressing a topic related to environmental conservation.

For enquiries you can mail the Conservancy at or call 082 320 1867.

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