Satise Silalele 1.26

Michele du Plessis

The Satise Silalele application by Boxfusion (PTY) Ltd that can be downloaded from Google Play store is intended to bridge the gap between the Mpumalanga government and its citizens.

By using technology, the government can resolve and trace issues in the communities, making sure that citizens have access to a means to communicate with the leaders.

Apparently, this app traces the complaints in the exact location where they are being reported, allow citizens to make use of government facilities in their surroundings. It also Let citizens know and view incidence details around citizens surroundings and trace resolved and unresolved incident

How Satise Silalele App works on a Smartphone:

  • Download the Satise Silalele App onto your Android/iPhone smartphone
  • Use the App to log/ report your incidents to the Municipality
  • Once the incident has been logged, you will receive a SMS notification with a reference number.
  • The Municipality will send the details of your incident to a field worker to attend to your incident.
  • Ward Councillors will have a view of the logged incidents through the Web based Reporting tool
  • Once your incident has been resolved you will be notified via SMS.


If you don’t have a Smartphone:

  • Simply dial *134*674# to report a new incident
  • Then follow the same process as above, using SMS instead of email

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