Gold Rush Hard Enduro coming up in Pilgrim’s Rest

Frieda Paton

Whether riding or watching there will be excitement for everyone at the second Gold Rush Hard Enduro in Pilgrim’s Rest on March 17.

This one-day GPS Enduro for off-road motorbikes will cover a 90 km loop across the breathtaking mountains and valleys surrounding Pilgrim’s Rest, starting at 07.30 at the Gold panning site. There will be cut off times at each of two refueling stops which riders have to meet to be allowed to continue the course.

It appears that this second event will have more entrants than last year, including top riders from Mpumalanga and Gauteng. Many parts of the course are extremely challenging and promise to be thrilling viewing for spectators.  There are a number of viewing points at tricky obstacles within 2 km of the site to which spectators can be directed.  You can also visit the village of Pilgrim’s Rest for food and drink as well as some sight-seeing while waiting for the top riders to complete the course.

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