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An Apple a day’s getting really expensive

Clintin Brummer

As well all know, price increase has been a very common sight in South Africa. With so many people saying it was cheaper in the old days naturally, a comparison had to be done so digging I went. I came across an Article published in 1977 July 7th. Prices haven’t followed a straight upwards trajectory, from cheap to expensive. The years between 1977 and 2018 showed price dips and stagnation, while some things cost more 100 years ago because the technology was new, like cars.”

It was a price comparison done by putting all major retailers head to head, using those prices where a big change could be seen. Now many people had many reasons for this a list which would make this article unaffordable. So instead, we had to come to our own conclusions. Many Statistics can be found online.

7 items were chosen and a comparison done, list as follows:

  • Coffee 750 gr you would find yourself paying anything from R80.00 Back then you would be paying anywhere from R2.49 to R3.70
  • Tomato Sauce 750 ml from R20.00 up to R30.00 Back then From R0.45 to R0.59
  • Corn Flakes Today would Range from R40.00 up to R45.00 back then R0.30 up to R0.40
  • Tea Bags 80 would run you up from R25.00 up to R40.00 Back then from R0.49 up to R0.70
  • Rice from R20.00 up to R30.00 Back then anywhere from R1.32 to R1.45
  • cooking oil would cost you upwards from R30.00 up to R45.00 back then between R0.80 to R1.00 a liter
  • Tomatoes today would cost anywhere from R10.00 upwards back then R0.45 up to R0.69

According to Mr. Dave Jackson (Star July 7th, 1977) “Big savings do not come so much from shopping around, except in the case of bulk buying. Big savings come in Pre-Shopping analysis of what is needed and in the Post-Shopping utilization of the goods. This is the secret.’



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