White River Primary shines at Biathlon


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On Saturday, February 10th, seven White River Primary pupils took part in the Gauteng Biathlon Championships in Pretoria. All the athletes did really well, with Michael Swanepoel and Amé Quinn scoring above 2200 points.

“The interesting fact about Biathlon is that the parents can compete in the same competition as their children!  Well done to all our athletes and the parents who competed!” said Aldorette Swart, Communications Liaison, and White River Primary.


Boys under 9: 

Dian Lubbe - 7th / 1896 points

Boys under 11

Michael Swanepoel - 5th / 2204 points

Luan Lubbe - 8th / 2158 points


Men Senior (Open)

Jaco Lubbe - 3rd / 2209 points


Girls under 9:

Mianca Breitenbach - 6th / 2022 points

Girls under 11

Ame Quinn - 8th / 2201 points

Esmare Weitsz - 10th / 2063 points

Tiffany Marshall - 11th / 2032 points


Ladies Veteran

Jubellien Marshall - 3rd / 1623 points

Mercia Knight - 4th / 1520 points



From left to right- back: Mercia Knight, Jubellien Marshall, Jaco Lubbe, Ame Quinn and Esmari Weitsz Front: Dian Lubbe, Luan Lubbe, Michael Swanepoel, Mianca Breitenbach and Tiffany Marshall

From left to right: Ame Quinn, Esmari Weitsz, Tiffany Marshall, Luan Lubbe and Michael Swanepoel

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