Plan to fix old water pipes


Kopano Dibakwane

Setlaars Avenue in Graskop was closed temporarily after Municipality officials, from the Technical Department, dug a big hole to locate a damaged main water pipe. A TLB was used to dismantle the tarred road.

Graskop Unit Manager, Kemmy Mashego, said that the extensive measure taken by the officials was unavoidable. He furthermore blamed the on-going reports of random water cuts, in certain parts of Graskop, on old asbestos pipes which are responsible for the town’s water supply.

“Graskop soil is so muddy and hard for those old asbestos pipes.  We understand the concern of residents. In our Budget presentation sitting, we announced that there’ll be upgrades of our water supply from the Department of Water and Sanitation. The plan is already in place, we are only waiting for the release of R6 000 000 allocated for this project. We’ll change the main pipes to the reservoir. A contractor has already been appointed. The upgrades will also assist in supplying water to areas like Extension 5,” said Mashego

The big hole on Setlaars Avenue was later closed by the Technical Officials. Mashego assured the residents using Setlaars Avenue that the road will be fixed back to its normal state.

“The road will be compacted and patched nicely, the bump will be resolved,” said Mashego.

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