SCCT to the rescue


Clintin Brummer

On the January 28th, the Sabie Chamber of Commerce and Tourism once again reported on some of the spectacular work done. Captain Gwilym Reese was confident in his delivery and spoke with ease.

One of the main topics discussed was the Eskom problem, although no clear answer can be provided by Thaba Chweu Local Municipality. The Chamber had more positive feedback. “A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to progress this matter. The whole issue has been set back to March 31st, 2018. Other parties have come on board and they have assisted us and vice versa, which has been all to the good against Eskom resuming power cuts.” Said Captain Gwilym Reese.

Given the severity of Sabie’s problem, the Premier is currently involved in a few solutions. One being Rural Maintenance, an organization which has been mentioned in an earlier edition. Rural Maintenance is an organization which takes over complete control of a Municipality. During which, Rural then manages debt, infrastructure and so forth. They have been very successful in the past, but such an agreement is not simply done.

Rural, however, would give (TCLM) the chance to buy back the municipality once all services and debt are back on track. While (TCLM) is only looking for excuses, The Premier is now locked in debate about these choices.

While Eskom only sought a chance for money to be made, they compiled an interest rate of Prime +5%; this is an exponential amount. As such, once again the court came into play as they were told to decrease this, thus (TCLM) its debt interest would now be compiled at Prime +2.5%.

As more problems arose, as for example the fact that, the Price per Unit (PPU) of electricity should he doubled in winter months. This, however, has not been done and (TCLM) claim therefore they are “out of pocket” during winter. Now Nersa is to blame for this so it would seem Sabie’s problems are far from over and according to the municipality, everyone but TCLM is to blame.

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