Sabie-MAST Animal Education in Schools Program

We are proud to announce that one of our passions/initiatives to educate children of all ages in animal care is coming to pass.  In partnership with State Vets & Nurses, the first of many Animal Education Workshops will be held at Memezile High School, Simile, on Wednesday, February 21st.

This is new to us and to Sabie. We are still awaiting a copy of the program but we are looking forward to being part of this exciting venture/adventure. The program aims to teach children how to better care for animals, health, safety and lots more. They will also be introduced to the life of a vet. Hopefully, we can encourage and guide them to pursue veterinary science as a career. The next workshop will be at Lindani Primary School in March, just before our Mass Sterilisation (March 22-23) – more news about that in our next article which will be published in the 13 March 2018 issue of GPS News.

We organise Mass Sterilisations in SABIE.  If you would like to request a State Vet Mass Sterilisation in your own area please make your request via Email to Mr L Sibiya

We are taking bookings for the Mass Sterilisation in Simile on 22-23 March 2018. We are also organising a mid-year Sterilisation Day in Harmony Hill. The purpose of the sterilisations is to curb the stray animal population growth and therefore priority must be given to those animals who roam the streets, which are permanently at risk of getting pregnant.

Please visit our Facebook Page and view our photos as we create an album and keep a diary for every day we visit Simile and the Sabie Refuse Dump. For more information please contact Debbie Möller 082 222 2204 or Hayley van Wyk 072 370 6598.

A big thank you to our media sponsors Ada Spottiswoode & Valerie Kemp.  You are pawsome.


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