Life of an Addict

Clintin Brummer

Throughout life, you are told about drug abuse, the effect of and consequences. Sometimes life hands you a choice. Even when walking a path of drug abuse your life can be changed, and it all starts with choices. Recently, Imka Lubbe decided to share her story with GPS News. Life has not always dealt her a playable hand. Eventually, she found her way to Bread of Life Ministries Rehab Centre near Sabie and her road to recovery started.

Like most of life, it starts at home. According to multiple studies and first-hand accounts drugs are usually easily obtained. “I grew up in a broken home, both parents being addicts. Mom was either at work or high, Dad could never keep a job,” said Imka Lubbe. In an overwhelming majority of cases, domestic violence sets in and this only add to the psychological strain. “My father regularly assaulted my mother, even doing so in front of me and my brother. At this point, adultery became a habit and even in the presence of me and my brother. It was me and my brother against the world,” said Imka.

When looking at contextual factors such as these it comes as no surprise that going astray would occur. “When I was 11, my Grandfather died and my world fell apart. When I was 13 alcohol and smoking became a habit. That’s usually where it starts. I started smoking cannabis that same year,” Imke continued.

The moment an addiction takes hold, it manifests in all aspects of your life. Soon life revolves around your addiction. “We stole where we could, just to feed the habit, everything we could find; TV’s anything. I was not happy. At night I would work the streets; all for money to get high. I’ve done many things I’m ashamed of and I’ve let people do shameful things to me. My boyfriend has sold me 6 times,” Imka said.

Eventually, you start to question your reasons and goals, life loses value and you are faced with the hardest trials and tribulations, choosing to get out. “There is always a way out, you just have to choose it. Life is all about choices if. If you don’t make a choice to change, you never will. I thank God above all for it is only with His guidance that I achieved this,” said Imka.

But this choice is a long and hard journey, new meaning for life has to be found through goals, dreams and ambitions. “I gave my heart to God, I live for Him. In Him I found the will to become a motivational speaker. I’ve been sober for 14 months now, my program is complete,” Imka concluded.

For more information, please call 081 749 3228 – Len or 076 703 7778 – Dorijn at Bread of Life Ministries Rehab Centre.

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