Sabie Tube Race in full swing


Clintin Brummer

Once again, it was time for the Annual Sabie Tube Race. People assembled in droves as they do every year. Friday was a pinnacle moment as this year 1600+ pre-registries where received. The Round Table say that it is the most pre-registries they have ever had since the start of this momentous event.

For a lot of people, this was their first year at the Sabie Tube Race and what a choice it is. It came as a surprise that people had different motives but a few bad apples won’t spoil the bunch. Of that Phoenix security made sure. As they could be found all along these festive grounds.

For some this was another year in a long line of attendance some boasting eight consecutive years attending the Tube Race. Old or new, the crowds amassed. From the word go, Round Table members were quick to serve, ensuring that everything went off without a hitch.

Upon entering the river, the main reason for attendance, it became clear that this river has seen thousands of people. Everyone with a smile, helping freely as some might have been caught in a standstill. Some knew the course by heart and for some it was a brand new experience. The amount of time spent on the river varies as some took hours to complete their “tube race”.

Round Table made sure that once the day has been spent on the river, one would return to crowds and bands. Entertainment was quite high on the agenda. To a very big surprise, the day continued without notable problems. Except for the electricity, but that’s no fault of the Round Table team.

The Round Table ensured that whether you are an adult or child, you would enjoy this fun for the family event. Overall the 2018 Sabie tube Race could be marked as successful and very much so indeed.

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